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Southcentral Foundation


Southcentral Foundation is the largest Alaska owned healthcare system in the state and provides a variety of services to nearly 65,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people.  Our internationally recognized, relationship-based model of care was created from our belief that the journey to wellness is a partnership and a responsibility shared between the patient and provider.  It extends beyond the individual, to the family, the community, and to the world in which we live.

Why work at Southcentral Foundation?

Our benefits are designed around your health and wellness. SCF offers employees one hour per week of paid wellness, on-site fitness center, and daycare facilities, competitive salary packages, and much more!

Our clinical team environment is one of the most robust in the country. Our data-driven, non RVU approach means that compensation is salary based: encouraging a practice focused on wellness, not qualify.

Our integrated and accessible approach to care makes your job easier. Our clinics coordinate patient care with integrated care teams that have access to specialists in multiple disciplines.

Access to care:

Electronic Health Record

Comprehensive formulary with on-site pharmacy

Multi-disciplinary team of specialist across campus

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