Spruce Roots Family Dentistry

Contact: Chris Willis

4001 Geist Rd
Ste 5
United States

Tel: (907) 479-3326

Email: office@spruceroots.net

About Spruce Roots Family Dentistry

Spruce Roots Family Dentistry is a privately owned and operated dental organization in Fairbanks, AK. We promise our proactive, health-conscious patients that they can count on us for an experience that exceeds expectations.  We are a family that is adaptable, compassionate and caring.  Our patients rely on us to help make decisions about their health, knowing we have their best interests in mind.  We have worked hard to build trust by being leaders in dental education, technology and innovation.  We believe in our patients, our community and our profession and look forward to welcoming you to our family.  We have our sights set on finding an individual who is excited to be a part of a growing, flourishing practice.

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