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Washington State Department of Corrections

The Washington State Department of Corrections has 12 facilities in the State of Washington and many staff and incarcerated individuals to care for.  Many of our incarcerated will leave prison at some point, and we believe in the importance of a collaborative and restorative work together to ensure their success upon release.  This includes teaching skills to advocate for their own health and wellness.  If you want to be a part of this beautiful community, please inquire.

Our Mission: The mission of DOC is to improve public safety by positively changing lives.
Our Vision: Working together for safer communities.
Our Commitment: To operate a safe and humane corrections system and partner with others to transform lives for a better Washington.

Our Core Values:

  • Cultivate an environment of integrity and trust: Corrections values partnership and trust. We foster openness and support courageous conversations. We are committed to doing what we say we are going to do by being accountable and taking personal ownership in our actions.
  • Respectful and inclusive interactions: Corrections appreciates and values individuals by promoting an inclusive and diverse environment, which encourages safety. We respect, value, and listen to the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of our stakeholders and consider the impact on those we serve as well as each other.
  • People's safety: Corrections believes in creating an environment that values physical, mental, and emotional security and well-being. We honor those who advance safety for all.
  • Positivity in words and actions: At Corrections, we assume positive intentions and believe there is a shared desire for the best outcome. We consistently demonstrate positive behavior and always put forth our best effort.
  • Supporting people's success: Corrections is committed to our community – understanding individuals, instilling hope, embracing change, and providing opportunities.

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